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How to Create a Culture of Engagement that Drives Operational Excellence: Raymond Floyd, Sr. VP of Suncor Energy

Raymond Floyd, Senior VP of Suncor Energy and 2011 Inductee to the IndustryWeek Manufacturing Hall of Fame, presents the theory, practice and examples of creating and leading large autonomous teams of fully engaged people working together toward a shared vision of success for the enterprise that employs them.

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Successful operations are achieved when every employee frequently and autonomously practices the tools of operational excellence when working toward a common goal. The common term for this in industry is creating a culture of engagement. All cultures, both industrial and social, consist of shared values and beliefs, supported by appropriate behavior and rituals. By communicating values and making a standard practice of appropriate rituals it is possible for business leaders to create a situational culture within your organization that engages people to support the success of your business.

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