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How IW Best Plants Engage Employees [SLIDESHOW]

Finalist and winners of the IndustryWeek Best Plants Award share many best practices, but it's their workforce practices that seem, to me, the least likely to be replicated and, thus, more likely to create the greatest barrier to competition.

Put simply, the facilities that make the finals tend to get the most from their plant floor production workforce by engaging the employee in full -- their hearts and minds, as well as their hands and backs.

It sounds simple and, in a way it is. But it's not easy.

To get started improving your workforce practices, here are seven workforce best practices from recent IW Best Plants finalists and winners.

To learn more, read the stories of recent IW Best Plants Winners.

The data in the following slides are from the IW Best Plants Benchmarking Database, available by subscription in the IndustryWeek Store.

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