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New Manufacturing Mart Aims to Re-Ignite Manufacturing Heritage in Ohio

Group to help manufacturers re-shore and re-purpose their operations

Spurring innovation in manufacturing is the foundation for the The Manufacturing Mart, which officially opens in Cleveland Ohio on Dec. 1. It will provide a showcase for marketing industrial companies and products.

"With the global economy and U.S. manufacturing showing signs of recovery, the timing is right for Cleveland to host a new kind of economic development venue. This region's industrial economy was built with ideas commercialized and manufactured here. We launched the Capital of Know-How to provide a platform for re-igniting this spirit of enterprise and innovation that is part of our manufacturing heritage," explains Mary Kaye Denning, President of Capital of Know-How.

The venue offers inventors and manufacturers the opportunity to present products and ideas to the 120,000 engineers and buyers of manufacturing engineering services who work within a day's drive of The Manufacturing Mart.

"We want to help companies put their manufacturing capabilities and capacity to use by re-shoring and re-purposing their operations, and teaming with others to build new local-global supplier networks," Denning says.

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