Manufacturing CEOs Push Cap-and-Trade System

Business leaders claim a cap on greenhouse gas emissions will power innovation.

A group of manufacturing CEOs launched an advertising campaign on March 17 that calls for a cap on greenhouse gas emissions. The Environmental Defense Action Fund is sponsoring the ad, which features Deere & Co. CEO Robert Lane of Deere & Co., Eaton Corp. CEO Sandy Cutler and Frank Knapp, president of the 5,000-member South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce.

The group says solving climate change is an opportunity to jumpstart the U.S. economy, and that America can own the energy technologies that will power the 21st Century if Congress acts quickly.

"We joined this effort because green is not only good for the environment, it's also good business," Cutler said. "This ad tells the real story about climate change: American companies can lead the way and win the race for new technologies and the jobs that come with them if Congress acts now."

"Small business entrepreneurs are ready to be turned loose on developing new energy technologies and conservation efforts. We're just waiting for the federal government to open the gate, Knapp said. "It's not just about creating a new industry and jobs; it's also about protecting our existing businesses and employees from the negative impact of global warming."

The ad campaign launches as the Senate will soon vote on an emissions cap-and-trade system. The House is expected to begin debating a similar plan next month, increasing the odds that Congress will enact a cap this year.

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