Industry Group Urges President Obama to Adopt Manufacturing Strategy in 'State of the Union' Agenda

Jan. 14, 2011
Alliance for American Manufacturing calls for access to capita, and trade deficit reduction.

As President Obama prepares to report to the nation on the State of the Union, the Alliance for American Manufacturing has sent a letter urging him to renew his focus on the challenges and opportunities facing American manufacturers and their workers.

"American manufacturing is in crisis mode," said AAM Executive Director Scott Paul. "In his State of the Union address, we're asking the President to announce a comprehensive national manufacturing strategy that can revitalize our industrial base and ensure a wider economic recovery."

AAM's letter to the President outlines five key areas of a national manufacturing strategy that should be delineated in the State of the Union:

*Access to capital
*Creating demand and promoting manufacturing utilization
*Workforce development
*Trade deficit reduction

"Despite the seeds of recovery sprouting in various sectors, American manufacturing continues to face enormous challenges due to serious structural misalignments in our economy that minimize the the importance of productive, wealth-creating economic activity.The result has been a manufacturing crisis that extends well beyond the current global economic downturn one that will not go away on its own," the group wrote.

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