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Argentina Posts Record Car Production in 2011

15% increase from last year

With 828,771 units manufactured -- a 15.7% increase over the previous year, car production in Argentina reached record levels in 2011, auto makers here said on Jan. 5.

"The auto industry has surpassed all records," said Viktor Klima, president of the ADEFA auto manufacturing association, who said that car makers shattered the 2010 record of 724,023 units.

Volkswagen accounted for around one in five vehicles rolling off assembly lines, making 173,231 cars in total. Other big producers were Chevrolet, Renault, Ford and Fiat.

Elsewhere in the region, Mexico -- one of the world's top 10 automakers -- also bested its annual production record in 2011, with some 2.37 million units made in the past 12 months, manufacturers there said late last year.

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