Saxony And Dresden At A Glance

Location -- The German state of Saxony lies in the southeast corner of the former German Democratic Republic, bordering on both the Czech Republic and Poland. Dresden, its capital, sits on a bend in the Elbe River, 75 miles north of Prague and 80 miles south of Berlin. Population -- Saxony, 4.6 million people. Dresden, 480,000, about the size of Long Beach, Calif., New Orleans, or Oklahoma City. Labor force -- Dresden's jobless rate was 16% in 1997, Germany's 9.9%. Economy -- Saxony's gross domestic product is about $68 billion. Manufacturing accounts for 37%. Major investors -- In addition to Siemens AG and Advanced Micro Devices Inc., major investors in Saxony are Dow Chemical Co., Case Corp., Philip Morris Cos. Inc., Daimler-Benz Aerospace, Volkswagen AG, Takata Corp., Bayer AG, and Sumitomo Rubber Industries.

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