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Meet the IW Manufacturing Hall of Fame Class of 2013 [SLIDESHOW]

The 2013 IW Manufacturing Hall of Fame class, like its four predecessors, is a diverse group. This year's eight inductees manage (or managed) companies that make 3-D printing machines; wire and cable; paint; packaging equipment; industrial equipment; trucks; truck engines; and aircraft and aerospace systems.

But their commonalities are more telling than their differences. All eight evince in abundance the qualities that lead to success in manufacturing, among them integrity, passion, and a laser focus on serving their customers, their employees and their communities.

View The Full Profiles of the 2013 Inductees
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To learn more about the profound marks these individuals have made on the manufacturing industry, read their full profiles, as well as those from the classes of 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

And stay tuned for information on how you can nominate someone for next year's Hall of Fame class.

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