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Labor Tough Talk, Urgent Cost Cuts and Best Practices for Monetizing ESG: IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads

April 7, 2023
Also, how artificial intelligence and machine learning are taking additive to the next level.

Manufacturing leaders grabbed the attention of the IndustryWeek.com community this past week. The CEO of PPG talked innovation, demand challenges and why it's important to get out to your company's front lines as much as you can. The General Motors CFO talked cost cutting amid EV investments. And, perhaps most significantly, a speech by new leadership at the UAW suggests big changes may be in store as contract negotiations with automakers approach. 

However, those aren't the only topics that attracted IW community members, as the following list shows. Take a moment and review the Top 10 most-consumed content over the past seven days. 

What's Ahead for Aluminum Prices with US Tariffs on Russia? Buyers and sellers have been anxious.

With the UAW’s New Leadership, Automakers Change Tack: Union president Shawn Fain has toughened up the language while trying to unite a divided membership.

5 Best Practices for Monetizing ESG and Sustainability: How investments in greener products, recyclability, circularity and socially responsible development efforts can be translated into financial value.

Aluminum Anxiety, Perils of Points Systems, Quick and Easy Kaizen: IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads: BMW Group's virtual factory construction system is among other topics that grabbed the attention of the IW manufacturing community.

Canoo Sticks to 2023 Production Target: The electric vehicle startup had a tough 2022, but executives expect factories to have a production capability of 20,000 by the end of year.

Data-Driven 3D Printers: The Real Game-Changers for Manufacturing? Artificial intelligence and machine learning take additive to the next level.

Mixed Auto Sales in US Paint Murky Picture of Car Consumers: In general, lean vehicle inventories have supported higher prices over the last 18 months or so, with factory shutdowns due to COVID-19 followed by shortages in semiconductors that slowed manufacturing.

GM CFO: ‘We Need to Be More Urgent Around Cost-Cutting’: With more EV investments ahead and pricing power waning, Paul Jacobson tells a conference the auto giant needs to stay ‘in a little bit of a grinding mode.’

CEO: PPG Is Racing to Keep up with Aerospace Demand, Innovate Around Energy Use: Tim Knavish, with 36 years at the global paint and coatings company, is very familiar with its footprint. 'I try to get out on the frontlines where we make stuff as much as possible.'

Cummins Invests in Upgrading Existing Facilities, Boosting Clean Energy: Cummins Inc. will support fuel agnostic engine platforms by investing more than $1 billion in existing Indiana, North Carolina and New York facilities.

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