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Aluminum Anxiety, Perils of Points Systems, Quick and Easy Kaizen: IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads

March 31, 2023
BMW Group's virtual factory construction system is among other topics that grabbed the attention of the IW manufacturing community.

We understand. Our IndustryWeek manufacturing community is anxious about the impact of U.S. tariffs on the price of aluminum. But that's not the only topic that nabbed your attention these past seven days. You were also curious about the approach Vitamix takes to continuous improvement, BMW Group's virtual factory construction system, the challenge of attendance and tardiness, and a whole lot more. 

What follows are the Top 10 most-viewed items over the past seven days. Catch up with what you've missed. 

What's Ahead for Aluminum Prices with US Tariffs on Russia? Buyers and sellers have been anxious.

Vitamix: Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement with Quick and Easy Kaizen Cards: Vitamix Lean Project Leader Tim Stasko discusses capturing quality and process information with IndustryWeek audience members.

Points Systems Won’t Get Your Employees to Show Up on Time: Punitive scoring brings out the worst in everyone.

BMW Group's Virtual Factory Construction System Rolling Out Worldwide: NVIDIA's Omniverse allows the automaker to create digital twins of factories that don't exist yet.

Updated: LG Energy Solution to Construct a $5.5 Billion Battery Complex in Arizona (Slideshow with 18 Months of EV Battery Investments): A look into the billions of dollars being invested in new battery plants and expansions in recent years.

Mullen Pays $6M for Exclusive Electric Supercar Distribution: The Qiantu K50 will be sold as the Mullen GT and Mullen GTRS.

Is 'Made in USA' Worth the Cost and Effort? The certification is great in theory, but tough to execute. Here are 10 factors to consider.

Reshoring, Foreign Direct Investment Job Announcements Set New Record in 2022: "The total number of jobs announced since 2010 is now nearly 1.6 million," according to the report.

US, Japan Reach Deal on Critical EV Battery Minerals: The latest U.S.-Japan deal includes commitments not to impose export duties on critical minerals shipped to the other country, said a statement released by the U.S. Trade Representative.

So That Happened: Kellogg to Kellanova? Why Buy an EV Now? IndustryWeek editors look into those stories and what's up with Promat, solar energy tax credits for Arcosa and BASF celebrating women.

Editor's Choice

Manufacturing Leaders Share the Best Advancement Tips They Received Early in Their Journeys: IndustryWeek's new Talent Advisory Board members answer our March question: What was the best piece of career advice you received during your first five years in your industry?

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