Turning it Around: Leadership Lessons for Distressed Companies (video)

July 20, 2022
Workhorse Group CEO Richard Dauch and Tandem Group CEO Carolyn Hendrickson detail how to shift culture and align a team to save a company.

The quest for high performance was born in a factory. But a lot has changed over the years and manufacturing companies feel the brunt of commodity price changes, tariffs and trade agreements, overseas competition, and the global war for talent. They need to be some of the most flexible and adaptive organizations. Unfortunately, many get stuck in old ways of doing things and mindsets that limit creativity and change.

IndustryWeek Influencer Carolyn Hendrickson, CEO, Tandem Group, Inc., and Rick Dauch, CEO of Workhorse, have worked together to create high-performing executive teams and organizations. Carolyn will share real-life examples of how she has led manufacturing companies through a process to align executive teams to enable growth and profitability. Rick will share how he engages his senior leaders in strategy development and execution and how he created high performing cultures at Delphi Technologies and Accuride.

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