Quality Initiatives In Supply Chain Have Large Pay-Offs

Quality initiatives, such as Six Sigma and Lean, are producing big pay-offs for the supply chain according to a report titled, " The Supply Chain & the Impact of Quality Initiatives" prepared by Best Practices, LLC, Chapel Hill, NC-based research company. The report found an average savings of $5 million.

To receive the optimal benefit from quality programs, successful companies focus efforts for the supply chain on demand/supply management & planning; production planning & scheduling; capacity planning & optimization actual production; and inventory & warehouse management.

Successful companies noted that keeping track of practices of peer company leaders and other industry leaders are critical to identifying the supply chain critical improvement opportunities.

To receive a complimentary research document on Transforming the Supply Chain, including sample best practices visit http://www3.best-in-class.com/cr145.htm

Best Practices, LLC

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