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GMC Unveils an Electric Hummer for Detroit Plant

Jan. 30, 2020
The newly announced Hummer EV will be built at General Motors’ freshly renovated Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant.

An electric successor to the long-dormant Hummer brand is in the works, according to an announcement from General Motors Corporation.

The announcement comes just three days after General Motors said they would renovate their Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant to produce exclusively electric vehicles. At the time, GM said the plant would produce an unnamed electric truck, the Cruise Origin, and an unnamed electric SUV.

That announcement fueled speculation that the Hummer line of vehicles was in for an electric revamp. Despite stopped production, the Hummer brand name was never retired.

Production on the trucks was suspended ten years ago after higher gas prices made heavy sports-utility vehicles an expensive option. The electric Hummer, naturally, won’t have that handicap, and it may be well-placed to ride a resurgent consumer demand for SUVs.

“GMC builds premium and capable trucks and SUVs, and the GMC Hummer EV takes this to new heights,” said VP of Global Buick and GMC Duncan Aldred. He added that the truck would make its commercial debut in an advertisement during the second half of the Super Bowl.

The ad will advertise the truck’s estimated performance. GM estimates the truck will be capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3 seconds, 11,550 lb.-ft of torque, and 1,000 horsepower. 

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