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Bad Actors, Inspired Workers and the Power of a Lean Coffee Break: IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads

May 6, 2022
Read the top content on Industryweek.com over the past seven days, as chosen by the IW manufacturing community.

IndustryWeek and the rest of the world have snuck into May, and with the new month comes a new set of top reads as selected by the IW manufacturing community. 

What follows are the most-viewed articles over the past seven days, plus a couple of editor's choice items. The IW manufacturing audience turned their attention to culture creation, bad actors in procurement, lean with a hot cup of coffee, EBITDA and a whole lot more. 

If you don't have time to review all the great work on IndustryWeek.com, this list gives you a shortcut to a dozen valuable reads. Without further ado:    

Creating a Culture of Inspired Workers: What does it mean to be a deep-purpose leader, and how do you get there?

UAW and NDRC Sue Postal Service for Oshkosh Truck Contract: The lawsuit alleges USPS failed to properly evaluate the environmental impact of building the trucks in South Carolina.

Are You Shorting Yourself on EBITDA? Many manufacturers seriously undervalue the cost of their products.

The Bad Actors of OEM Procurement: Demanding individual discounts on bundled part prices is a common underhanded tactic.

Lean Works Better with Coffee: Hot beverages have been an important bit player for me in tough troubleshooting situations.

Moving Production from China and Taiwan Matters More Than Ever: World events far more powerful than any industry trends can render all supply-chain microplanning moot.

Why Do Women Get Asked to Do Non-Promotable Work? Even female managers ask women more than men to volunteer for the thankless tasks.

Meet the 2022 IndustryWeek Best Plants Finalists: These 10 plants demonstrate excellence in practices and performances, as well as a devotion to continuous improvement.

China Factory Activity Dips to Lowest in Two Years: The figures come as Beijing's policy of swiftly stamping out infections with lockdowns and mass testing has been severely challenged by an Omicron-fueled pandemic resurgence.

Supply Chains Are Increasingly Volatile. Can Forecasting Keep Up? Advances in big data and cloud computing are improving the ability of AI to anticipate external forces and fluctuating market dynamics.

Editor's Choice:

So That Happened: Supply Chain Passion, NLRB Whiplash, Ford's Old School Cool: Are shiploads of lithium really less exciting than a growling V-8 in a Camaro?

Are Job Candidates Ghosting You? It's You, Not Them: Begin with an honest look at what kind of workplace community you offer candidates, and take action from there.

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