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Tax Provision Turmoil, Record US Exports and Salary Survey Insights: IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads

Aug. 5, 2022
As usual, we've collected the top 10 most-read pieces from the past seven days and share them with you here.

Manufacturers confronted a wide range of topics on IndustryWeek.com in the past week. The subject matter included big "ups," such as record exports in June, and worrisome "downs," including a supply chain in crisis and a potentially burdensome tax for manufacturers.

As usual, we've collected the top 10 most-read pieces from the past seven days and share them with you here. We've also included one Editor's Choice selection, which can date from any time period. 

Slide into the first weekend of August with IW's weekly reads.  

Proposed 'Book Tax' Puts Burden on Manufacturers: The provision is estimated to raise $313 billion, and the Joint Committee on Taxation finds that manufacturers would be responsible for paying nearly half of it.

The US National Defense Supply Chain Is in Crisis: The military and its partners have become too dependent on foreign-made parts, materials and minerals.

Ford Develops Autonomous EV Charging Station: What a full service station for electric vehicles might look like.

2022 IndustryWeek Salary Survey: The Talent Shortage Strikes Back: Our annual look at manufacturing pay rates shows that the extended struggle to recruit workers has only gotten worse.

Congress Passes CHIPS Act: The current iteration of the semiconductor subsidy bill authorizes $52 billion in support funds and a 25% tax credit for U.S. chip manufacturing.

The CHIPS Act Is Essential. So Is a Resilient EV Battery Supply Chain: Almost 40% of the world's supply is controlled by Chinese firms.

The Hardest Letter in ESG Is Fast Becoming 'S': The pressure to manage social change is catching up with the pressure around environmental sustainability.

Stellantis Announces $99 Million in New North America Investments: The money will go towards plants in Michigan, Indiana, and Ontario to build a new engine.

Caterpillar Profits Rise but Says Supply Chain Still Messy: CEO Umpleby said the company still had seen no appreciable improvement in the supply chain, and the state of key materials and components remains unpredictable.

US Exports Hit New Record in June: Trade gap narrows for third consecutive month, Commerce Department reports.

Editor's Choice:

How Ford Motor Company Handles Big Data: Know your limits and have the right partners.

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