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UAW Win in Ohio, Older Worker Embrace and Modern Manufacturing, a Love Story: IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads

Dec. 16, 2022
A wide array of topics caught the community's attention in the past seven days, from the aging workforce and nuclear fusion to the rapidly evolving automotive industry.

After a brief hiatus, IndustryWeek.com is back with its top reads of the week, as selected by our IW manufacturing community. A wide array of topics caught the community's attention in the past seven days, from the aging workforce and nuclear fusion to several items about the quickly changing automotive industry. All provide valuable insights.

If the week has slipped by, here is your opportunity to catch up with what you've missed on IndustryWeek.com. Without further ado, here is our latest Top 10 list, plus one Editor's Choice selection: 

Stanley Black & Decker CFO: No Big Deals Until We’ve Upgraded Supply Chain: The tool manufacturing giant plans to close ‘a significant portion’ of its 120 plants starting next year.

Sage Advice about Older Workers: Manufacturing often frets about the aging of its workforce. Some nimble companies revel in it.

Stellantis Suspends Work at US Jeep Factory: The European automaker will lay off roughly 1,350 factory employees when it closes operations in late February.

USMCA Auto Decision Is Major Setback for United States: The ruling in favor of Mexico and Canada could bring an estimated 8% to 33% loss of North American content in cars.

When Leaders Show They Trust Their Workers, a Positive Culture Takes Root: Trust starts at the top and trickles down through the organization, not the other way around.

UAW Wins Election at GM/LG Battery Plant in Ohio: Ultium Cells LLC’s plant is only a few miles from the former GM Lordstown facility now owned by Taiwan’s Foxconn.

IndustryWeek Presents the Feature Film ‘Factory, A Love Story’: There hasn't been a major movie to feature modern manufacturing in more than 20 years. Hollywood, we've got plenty of great stories for you.

Nuclear Fusion Power: Energy Department Successfully Tests Technology: Commercialization may be decades away, but the promise of clean, plentiful energy has been a target for researchers since the 1950s.

Ultium Cells Lands $2.5 Billion Federal Loan to Build Three Factories: The GM-LG Energy Solution joint venture will build plants in Ohio, Tennessee, and Michigan.

Bumper Sticker Values Will Be the Death of Your Company: An organization's real values are manifested by how they act, not how they claim they act.

Editor's Choice:

As Trucking Rates Fall, It’s Time to Renegotiate with Carriers: Three ways manufacturers can build on existing relationships to get better pricing

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