Why is Quality in Manufacturing a Moving Target?

Nov. 17, 2014
Read highlights from the World Quality Day Twitter chat hosted by IndustryWeek and SAS on Nov. 13. The manufacturing community came together to address the current state of quality, evaluate changes in the quality landscape, and predict the future of quality in manufacturing. #WQChat

Did you join IndustryWeek and SAS on Nov. 13 for our World Quality Day Twitter chat? Quality in manufacturing was the topic on the social media table.

If you didn't, your contributions were missed in what developed into a lively and robust conversation among the quality community.

The Twitter chat began with breakneck speed at 11 a.m., launching with a debate over the definition of quality and how it has changed over the years. Moreover, participants weighed in with their opinions about what is motivating changes to the definition of quality.

One thing is clear: No singular definition of quality exists.

The Twitter conversation also looked ahead. Twitter chat participants exchanged views about how quality will change in the future and how technology -- the industrial internet, smart manufacturing, analytics -- will impact those changes.

Quite frankly, the subject matter was wide-ranging, with quality at its core. The growing impact of the customer was mentioned on numerous occasions (How could it not be?) -- although as John Balla pointed out, customers are but one constituency:

While the live event at #WQChat may be over, the opportunity to learn and participate has not.  In addition to the three tweets already mentioned, IndustryWeek has gathered some of the highlights and top tweets and presented them here. Scroll through them. Nod at the ones you agree with. Learn from new perspectives that hadn't occurred to you.

Most of all, add your own perspectives. The quality conversation should never end. 

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