China B2B Hub Opens For Business

The China B2B Hub was activated last month in hopes of making it easier, faster and less costly for multi-national companies to integrate with small-and medium-sized enterprises including OEM partners, suppliers, logistics providers and distributors. Motorola and Tianjin Jinya Electronics Co., Ltd are the first to sign up.

"Using the China B2B Hub, Motorola is able to rapidly [bring] onboard China-based trading partners to achieve tighter synchronization and greater visibility across our end-to-end supply chain, resulting in improved operational and financial opportunities," says Toby Redshaw, chairman of the RosettaNet Telecom Council and corporate vice president at Motorola.

The China B2B Hub is a partnership of CLTC, RosettaNet China and E2open Inc.

CLTC is the Productivity Center for e-Business and Logistics authorized by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China(MOST) and is supported by various government agencies. RosettaNet is a partnership between RosettaNet Global and MOST, while E2open is a supply-chain software provider.


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