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Extreme RFID Tags?

Sun Microsystems' RFID Test Center has moved in with the Sun Advanced Product Testing laboratory to see how RFID tags stand up to "real-world" conditions. RFID tags will be subjected to adverse environmental conditions such as excessive heat and cold, shock, humidity, vibration, altitude and pressure.

"Our RFID Test Center with Sun's premier APT environmental test lab lets our customers take that next step -- to conduct real-world, industrial-strength tests to verify whether RFID solutions can withstand the harsh field environments found in military, shipping, aerospace, medical and other settings." Jim Del Rossi, RFID facility director, Sun Microsystems

The new facility, named the Sun Advanced Product Testing Lab for RFID and Sensors, is located in Longmont, Colo.

More information about the Sun APT Lab for RFID and Sensors is available at

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