Georgia Electronic Design Center & Maritime Logistics Innovation Partner In RFID Research

A partnership between Savi Networks and the Maritime Logistics Innovation Center (MLIC) to use SaviTrak at terminal facilities in Georgia's ports led to an alliance between MLIC and the Georgia Electronic Design Center (GEDC).

SaviTrack leverages real-time data from the organization's global infrastructure at ports and other supply chain checkpoints -- automatically reading and transmitting data on RFID containers to an open technology software platform. The working test bed enhanced by the Savi Networks infrastructure presented an opportunity for GEDC to demonstrate and further research their RFID developments. The GEDC team's expertise, led by Professor Manos Tentzeris, is in high-read-range, high-efficiency, low-cost, multifunctional UHF RFID antennas and integrated circuits.

"The partnership between MLIC and GEDC allows the development of real-world applications through the Savi infrastructure and GEDC RFID innovation. What that means in bottom line terms is GEDC is now better able to provide demonstrable solutions for the logistics industry," said Professor Joy Laskar, director of GEDC.

MLIC is a partnership of private industry, academia and federal and state authorities working together to develop, apply and promote new technologies. The Georgia Electronic Design Center (GEDC) is supported both by industry partners and federal laboratories. GEDC's research is focused on fostering technology for communications applications including: wireless/RF, wired/copper and fiber channels.

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