Keeping Your Data Safe

U.S. businesses lost $62 billion in cybercrime in 2005 according to FBI estimates. IBM wants to help businesses fight IT security breaches by offering new software that "automatically develops secure applications as they are added into the IT infrastructure and encrypt business information with no human interaction".

The new software, the IBM Secure Shell Library for Java and the Security Workbench Development Environment for Java (SWORD4J), allows developers and application providers to engineer security into the software lifecycle process at the beginning of the design process.

"Security has become top of mind among corporate software developers, independent software vendors and academia, as data protection has become a key boardroom issue," said Buell Duncan, general manager, ISV and Developer Relations, IBM. "Whether it is the theft of credit card information from a retail Web site, or the pilfering of private employee data from corporate data sources, all companies are at risk of having their business and reputation impacted by hackers and malicious internal users."

The new technologies are hosted on alphaWorks, IBM's online outlet. The IBM Secure Shell Library for Java automatically encrypts data transmitted from one computer to another, including passwords and information stored in files, therefore preventing it from being exposed to hackers and other online menaces. While the Security Workbench Development Environment for Java (SWORD4J) allows developers to easily configure and validate Java applications that support the Java and OSGi industry security standards.

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