Kimberly-Clark Begins Testing Generation 2 RFID Hardware

Kimberly-Clark is joining the Gen 2 bandwagon by testing RFID hardware this summer.

"This test will ensure we identify the most effective Generation 2 RFID hardware that, when employed, will increase our productivity through the streamlining of our supply chain management on a worldwide basis. In turn, this will provide customers with a winning, innovative solution that helps drive value for both of us," says Cheryl Perkins, Kimberly-Clark's senior vice president and chief technical officer

Hardware including tags, readers, printers and applicators will be tested at a dedicated RFID research lab in Neenan, Wisconsin beginning July 6 allowing Kimberly-Clark to determine which hardware is the most compatible with its conveyor, packing, logistics and shipping systems.

"We are one of the few end user companies that have the ability to thoroughly test this new generation of hardware in a real-world environment. It gives us the ability to determine which Generation 2 hardware will best serve Kimberly-Clark globally -- whether installed in North America, Asia-Pacific or Europe." said Mike O'Shea, director of Kimberly-Clark's Auto-ID Sensing Technologies.

Kimberly-Clark Corp.

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