Market Strategy For RFID

RFID is a good place to start, but is not a solution for all supply chain challenges, according to a report titled, " RFID Products, Applications and Services Worldwide -- A Market Strategy Report" issued by Research and Markets, a Dublin-based research company.

The report recommends that companies view RFID technology from both a global strategic perspective as well as an enterprise-wide viewpoint. This means users must incorporate business processes and change management issues into a RFID program. Furthermore privacy is become an increasingly important concern affecting RFID implementation.

In 2004, the worldwide RFID market was $1.49 billion, including RFID readers, active tags, passive Tags, ICs, software and services. Considering the complexity of the technology the report concludes that no single vendor can offer end-to-end solutions with their own products and services.

The report, which provides industry specific information, notes that the automotive industry is already using RFID and is ahead of the technology curve compared to other manufacturing companies. This sector is currently using RFID for parts tracking, vehicle-related applications and capital asset management.

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