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New Books On The Supply Chain

Supply Chain Collaboration: How To Implement CPFR And Other Best Collaborative Practices -- written by Ronald K. Ireland with Colleen Crum and published by J. Ross Publishling in association with APICS.

Ireland is responsible for spearheading the Wal-Mart program that eventually became CPFR (Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment).

Streamlined: 14 Principles For Building & Managing The Lean Supply Chain -- written by Mandyam Srinivasan and published by South-Western Educational Publishing.

Srinivasna is the Ball Corporation distinguished professor of business at the University of Tennessee. A review from Terry Sutton, production control manager at Dell, Inc. said, "This book should be a first read of anyone who is moving into an operations role. It provides all of the steps to running the operation in one easy-to-read book."

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