Odin Wins Department Of Defense RFID Contract

Odin Technologies won the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) bid to deploy passive RFID equipment throughout 26 facilities globally. The contract is worth a maximum of $7 million.

The contract, which enables the use of passive RFID tags broadly within the military supply chain, will allow all Defense Distribution Centers capable of receiving incoming shipments to be tagged with passive RFID. While some DLA suppliers affix RFID tags to cases and pallets of select military supplies being shipped to two of its busiest distribution centers, the intent of this contract is to extend the RFID capability to all distribution centers worldwide.

"We are very proud to be chosen for the most important RFID deployment to date. The chance to support the war fighter and help make Department of Defense logistics faster, cheaper, and more effective is a great opportunity," Odin president and CEO Patrick J. Sweeney II commented.

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