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RFID For Temperature Controlled Warehouses?

LXE, Inc., and Intermec Technologies Corp, are looking into using RFID for temperature controlled warehouses. They have joined a research and development consortium initiated last year by Headwater Technology Solutions' Delfour Supply Chain Division. LXE, a Norcross, Ga.-based manufacturer of ruggedized wireless computers, has data collection devises that are designed to withstand extremely low temperatures. And Intermec Technologies Corp., an Everett, Wa.-based company is best known as the inventor of a widely used bar code symbology.

Headwater, a Toronto-based software consulting company, is operating two live production laboratories at Confederation Freezers, Brampton, Ontario, Canada and at Richmond Cold Storage, Richmond, Virginia using its SmartEnterprise 2 logistics management software to further the consortium's mission to explore the effectiveness of RFID in controlled temperature warehouses.

The consortium consists of manufacturers, operators and system integrators including; End-to-End, an IT infrastructure management company that focuses on end-user support for multi-protocol networks; CapTech Ventures, Inc., the developer of Tagsware RFID software; and bayMountain, Inc., a firm that hosts the consortium's development activities at the company's Tier 1 data center in Virginia. The consortium's Phase I goal is to be in full compliance with the Wal-Mart initiative in summer, 2005.

Delfour Supply Chain Division

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