RFID Users Ask For Plug-and-Play

Companies are growing weary of seeking out ways to integrate RFID technology into current supply chain systems. It is difficult to have to reconfigure entire IT systems and training on integrating new technology is yet another challenge. One market, consumer goods, is hesitant to fully implement RFID until integration of information is easier to implement. What is needed is an RFID product that is in essence 'plug-and-play'.

"A few startups have begun to address this need and new products from Symbol Technologies and Microsoft show this same trend of plug-and-play convenience," notes ABI research analyst Sara Shah. It is that kind of seamlessness, ABI Research believes, that will encourage end-users to move beyond "slap-and-ship" to the point where they will see a clear business case in favor of full-scale RFID implementation."

As a full-scale RFID implement requires a return on investment, a new report for the consumer goods market titled, "The RFID Consumer Goods Market", http://www.abiresearch.com/products/market_research/The_RFID_Consumer_Goods_Market examines this issue.

ABI Research

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