Top 10 Predictions For Asia/Pacific Supply Chains 2007

Moderate to high growth expected

In 2007, Asia/Pacific manufacturers will experience moderate to high growth -- but competitive market pressure coupled with supply chain risks are issues of concern according to Manufacturing Insights.

"Adoption of integrated supply chain improvement frameworks, and formal process control methodologies, will support much needed effort toward achieving higher efficiency, as well as establishing an agile supply chain operations among Asia-based manufacturers. In addition, greater leverage of information through the deployment of more advanced IT tools will contribute to faster and more accurate supply chain decision making," said Buck Seng Ng, associate director of Asia/Pacific Manufacturing Research at Manufacturing Insights, an IDC Company.

In its report entitled, "Asia/Pacific supply chains for 2007," Manufacturing Insights, makes the following predictions:

  • Adoption of the integrated supply chain improvement framework will escalate
  • Small and medium-sized businesses in supply chains will feel greater heat
  • Supply chains will build resiliency as disruptions continue
  • Applying Lean/Six Sigma to supply chains will accelerate
  • Impetus will build for Asia/Pacific supply chains to address environmental sustainability
  • Management of the financial supply chain will be crucial for business success
  • Manufacturers with mature supply chain practices will invest in business intelligence
  • Emerging technologies will remain 'Emerging'
  • Integration of design and supply chains will gain urgency
  • India will become an important node for global supply chains

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