Warehouses In Czech Republic Improve Visibility

Improved visibility leads to improved productivity.

A television manufacturer and an air conditioning company, both located in the Czech Republic are now using a warehouses management program from Manhattan Associates, Inc.

MOL Logistics (Czech), the subsidiary of the global giant MOL Logistics (Japan) Co., Ltd., has deployed the Warehouse Management component of Manhattan Associates' Integrated Logistics Solutions, built on Microsoft .NET at the two warehouses. The warehouses, 7,500 sq. meters and 16,000 sq. meters respectively, are both located at Plsen, a city on a major truck route connecting Germany and the Czech Republic.

The new site has already handled over 900,000 serial numbers with in its first nine months. The warehouses can view the serial number of a unit and ascertain exactly who has handled that unit at what time. Moreover it is possible to identify the person who loaded the unit into the lorry, the license plate of the vehicle, the destination of the delivery and the time of arrival in the warehouse. MOL reports that both companies have seen improved productivity from increased visibility.

"MOL Logistics is a great example of how a global company can operate as a local business as it expands into new regions," commented Steve Smith, vice president of Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Manhattan Associates.

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