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What Are Supply Chain Executives Doing To Meet A Demand-Driven Supply Network?

At AMR Research's Supply Chain Executive Conference "21st Century Market Leadership: The Marriage of Innovation, Operational Excellence, and Technology", June 1-3, 2005 in Scottsdale, AZ, attendees will receive case studies, business data, and information on technology choices that will help meet the needs of a demand-driven supply network.

Keynote speakers include; Deb Crosby, chief quality officer, Heinz who will reveal lessons that Heinz learned in product innovation using new PLM tools, and Mathieu Clerkx, CIO & senior vice president of supply chain, Philips Semiconductor, who will address the use of RFID in the supply chain.

A panel discussion on the challenge of meeting shortened time to market while keeping a lid on costs and maintaining quality will be led by 3M, New Balance, Chiquita, Lexmark and Qualcomm.

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