Checkpoint Introduces Dual-Function Security/Tracking Tags

Company to introduce standard EPC Gen-2 compliant labels compatible with RF-EAS systems.

Checkpoint Systems, a manufacturer and marketer of iIdentification, tracking, security and merchandising solutions for the retail industry and its supply chain, has announced its new dual-function "Evolve" EAS-EPC labels for security and inventory management applications. Representing the industry's first truly integrated electronic article surveillance (EAS) and radio frequency identification (RFID) labeling product, the new dual-function labels are designed to help retailers improve their inventory visibility at case and item level, while at the same time maximize the benefits of their EAS security systems.

"As products move through the supply chain, on-shelf availability is negatively impacted by theft, damage and paperwork errors," says George Off, Checkpoint CEO. "The combined functionality of the Evolve labels provide the benefits of EAS theft deterrence and EPC inventory visibility."

The patent-pending Evolve labels operate in the UHF band of 860 to 960 MHz for the additional advantage of traceability, and at 8.2 MHz for RF-EAS systems. As an added benefit, the EAS performance is significantly enhanced. The UHF antenna incorporates the use of Impinj Monza silicon and allows the ability to track information at a greater read distance at the receiving dock doors and onto the sales floor. The Evolve labels can be used in conjunction with existing Checkpoint RF EAS systems and are Gen 2 compliant to work with Checkpoint's UHF Portals or any certified Gen 2 reader and antenna hardware.

Evolve labels can be customized to support a variety of form factor requirements and are available now for trials. For more information visit

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