Assistant Commerce Secretary For Manufacturing To Leave

Al Frink sets departure for Jan. 31, 2007.

Al Frink, assistant secretary of commerce for manufacturing and services, the first person to hold the position, will leave his job on Jan. 31, 2007, Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez announced on Dec. 6.

"Al Frink has blazed a new trail in helping increase the competitiveness and health of America's manufacturing and services industries," Gutierrez said.

During Frink's 27 months on the job, 35 of 57 recommendations made in the 2004 report "Manufacturing in America: A Comprehensive strategy to Address the Challenges to U.S. Manufactures" have been implemented. They include creation of a Commerce Department office to promote domestic competitiveness and assess regulatory costs, and establishment of an industry-government advisory manufacturing council.

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