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MIT, ABB Announce Energy Research Partnership

Will develop green technologies and train graduates

ABB, a leader in power and automation technology will join MIT's Energy Initiative (MITEI) to support research in a variety of areas including nanofluids, power electronics, intelligent robotics and equipment heat management.

"A MITEI partnership with ABB creates enormous opportunities to provide technology solutions to global energy challenges," said Professor Ernest Moniz, Director of the MIT Energy Initiative. "The ABB corporate portfolio offers a range of potential research focus areas in which MIT has substantial research capability and could make a major contribution."

ABB spends $1.1 billion per year on research and development. Soaring energy demand has placed a premium on energy efficiency, a key area of ABB's research and development activity, comprising about half of its research investment. "This partnership is another significant step in ABBs strategy of combining our leading industrial technology competence with cutting edge international research," said Peter Terwiesch, ABB's chief technology officer. 'New technology is the key to tapping the potential of energy efficiency in the face of the soaring demand and increasing environmental concerns.'

In addition to supporting the research program, ABB's five-year, $5-million collaboration will support graduate fellowships and MITEIs energy research "seed fund." The fund was set up to promote the development of a broad range of innovative energy technologies and concepts from researchers across the Institute.

MITEI is an Institute-wide initiative designed to help transform the global energy system to meet the challenges of the future. For more information, please visit

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