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Wisconsin Banks on Lean Manufacturing

State provides $1.2 million to support manufacturing initiatives.

Business improvement advisory firm TBM Consulting Group Inc. has taken the lean classroom online with the launch of Essential Lean Learning. The program consists of 12 self-paced modules that touch on such topics as waste elimination, takt, flow and pull, jidoka, production smoothing, standard operations tools, progressive 5s and value chain mapping. The program price for an individual lists at $289 on TBM's Web site. Discounted package pricing is available for multiple students.

All modules are Web-based and accessible from any Web browser. Each course engages participants with hands-on exercises and real-life examples to help students understand and apply what they've learned. The course concludes with a 10-question quiz. The entire program takes approximately eight to 10 hours to complete. For more information, visit

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