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OSHA Cites Manufacturers in Georgia and Connecticut for Safety Violations

Legion Industries, EDAC Technologies put workers at risk for injury, agency alleges.

Aircraft parts manufacturer EDAC Technologies received 41 serious citations for alleged widespread fire, electrical, mechanical and other hazards at its Farmington, Conn., manufacturing plant.

Serious citations are issued when death or serious physical harm is likely to result from hazards about which the employer knew or should have known, according to OSHA.

Proposed fines total $130,050.

OSHA alleges workers at the facility were exposed to potential fire and explosion hazards from combustible dust collected in an inadequately designed dust collection system. Additional violations outlined in a news release include electrical safety issues such as unguarded or ungrounded live electrical parts and equipment; unmarked emergency exits and obstructed exit routes; an unapproved boom attachment on a fork truck; multiple instances of unguarded moving machine parts; lack of a site-specific lockout/tagout program; and lack of a respiratory protection program.

The OSHA inspection was conducted as part of a program that targets workplaces with higher-than-average rates of restricted duty or days away from work due to on-the-job injuries or illnesses.

In Waynesboro, Ga., cooking equipment manufacturer Legion Industries was charged with 39 serious and four other-than-serious citations for alleged safety and health violations.

Proposed penalties total $75,000.

OSHA said it began an investigation of the 31-person plant in January in response to a complaint it received. The alleged serious violations noted by the federal agency include equipment lacking machine guards to prevent workers from being pulled into equipment; using flexible cord as a substitute for fixed wiring that results in electrical hazards, and exposing workers to chemical hazards without the proper training or protective equipment.

The two manufacturers each have 15 days from receipt of their citations and proposed penalties to comply, contest the findings or meet with an area OSHA director.

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