Sacramento Coca-Cola to Recognize Teamsters

Agreement follows months-long labor dispute

The Sacramento Coca-Cola Bottling Co. will recognize Teamsters Local 150 as a representative of its employees in a settlement announced by the National Labor Relations Board Thursday. The agreement follows a months-long labor dispute.

The settlement was reached the week before the matter was to be heard by an NLRB administrative law judge.

According to the NLRB, Sacramento Coca-Cola already was under a federal court order that required it to recognize and bargain with the union pending resolution of the NLRBs administrative process. The company withdrew its appeal of the injunction as part of the settlement.

The dispute arose when Sacramento Coca-Cola refused to recognize the Teamsters Local as the bargaining representative for approximately 310 employees at three facilities in California. The small independent union that had represented the employees for more than 40 years merged with the Teamsters Local.

The settlement requires the company to:

  • bargain in good faith with Teamsters Local 150;
  • process union grievances; and
  • pay the union dues for which the employees had authorized payroll deductions.

The company also pledged not to violate the rights guaranteed by the NLRB.

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