How to Capture Value and Build World-Class Safety Leadership Steven Adams/Getty Images

How to Capture Value and Build World-Class Safety Leadership

The theme of the 2016 Safety Leadership Conference is “Building World-Class Safety Leadership,” and I hope you can join us in Pittsburgh, Pa., on Sept. 19-21 for educational sessions, keynotes, workshops, tours and networking opportunities related to building a world-class safety culture and becoming a leader for safety at your company and in your industry.

Every responsible company strives for a safe working environment for employees. But many don’t take the next step that allows them to achieve true safety leadership. Perhaps they think that building a world-class safety culture is out of their reach. The 2016 Safety Leadership Conference keynoters, speakers and sponsors have a different message: Every company can become a leader in safety.

The ability to create a world-class safety culture exists for every business, in every industry: manufacturing, oil and gas, transportation, chemical, construction, retail, food service, agriculture and recycling, to name a few. In these industries, humans interact closely with heavy machinery and hazardous substances, making safety of paramount importance to the wellbeing of employees and the health of the business.

Shawn Galloway, president of ProAct Safety

Keynote speaker Shawn M. Galloway, president of ProAct Safety, will offer his advice on how to capture new value from within your organization.  According to  Galloway, “All leaders desire to get more effort from their people, effort resulting more from internal desire and less from external prompting. Strategic thinking can create value at just about every level, but people need a reason to believe in what they choose to invest their discretionary effort in… No organization can afford disaffected workers. But influence hearts and minds, and hands and feet will follow.”

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