New Material Tracking Solution For Supply Chains

Aug. 10, 2007
Honeywell software services the mining, mineral and metals supply chains.

As part of its MES (manufacturing execution system) applications, Honeywell unveiled its new Material Tracking R100. It is a configurable software framework that enables mining, mineral processing and metals production companies to synchronize supply chains with financial processes.

The program, which allows tracking, tracing, storage and analysis of all supply chain data, including material flow, quality, ore type and other information can be used by industries such as blending and shipping, iron and steel making, ore processing and concentration, metals refining and chemical batch operations.

It also provides site-specific, near-real time views of critical production information with displays that allow operators to execute and adjust production plans within the supply chain in order to ensure safety, efficiency and reliability.

"Material Tracking can give manufacturers a better handle on their supply chains, which leads to multiple benefits including better data analysis and the ability to match inventories with customer demands," said Ashish Gaikwad, global business director of Advanced Solutions for Honeywell Process Solutions. "This integrated approach can help align the financial process with the supply chain and result in more efficient productivity on the plant floor."

To facilitate alignment between production and finance, Material Tracking can receive and store production planning and scheduling data from enterprise resource planning (ERP) and scheduling systems. It also can transmit actual production totals and summary data to ERP systems. Additionally, the software receives laboratory data and automatically associates it with recorded inventories.

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