Manufacturing Technology Consumption Up 34.9%

May 18, 2007
Market hit $371 million in March

Up 1.4% from March of 2006, U.S. manufacturing technology consumption totaled $371.10 million, according to AMTDA, the American Machine Tool Distributors' Association and AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology. This total was up 34.9% from February. The year-to-date total of $945.27 million was up 7.1% compared with 2006.

"Strong March results have produced continued growth in the first quarter of the year," said John J. Healy, president, AMTDA. "This pattern of steady growth is expected to continue."

Looking at specific regions, the Northeast totaled $55.9 million -- up 30.1% from February but down 3.7% from March 2006. The Southern region manufacturing technology consumption in March stood at $41.63 million, 11.4% higher than February's $37.36 million, but 21.0% less than the total for March a year ago. The Midwestern region totaled $107.33 million, up 61.3% when compared with February's $66.54 million, but 1.3% less than the March 2006 total. The Central region stood at $103.13 million in March, 12.7% higher than February's $91.52 million, and up 14.6% when compared with March 2006. And the Western region rose to $63.62 million, up 71.7% compared with the $37.05 million tallied in February, and 11.7% higher than the March 2006 total.

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