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Why Gen Z Workers Chose Your Company

Why Gen Z Workers Chose Your Company

July 21, 2022
A recent Deloitte survey found, not surprisingly, that a good work/life balance was the top reason this generation chose their current employers.

As every generation likes to compare itself to the one prior, these days the comparison becomes a playbook for companies as they decide what talent strategies to pursue when competing for talent. 

A survey, The Deloitte Global 2022 Gen Z and Millennial Survey, which was conducted between November 2021 and January 2022, surveyed 14,808 Gen Zs and 8,412 millennials across 46 countries to learn what was on their minds. 

One of the more interesting findings was the reasons they gave for working for their current employers.

And while Gen Z is showing a higher level of loyalty to their employers than they did last year, almost 40% reported that they would still prefer to leave their jobs within two years, and roughly a third would do so without another job lined up.

Why? The top reason was job burnout. The survey found that 46% of Gen Zs and 45% of millennials feel burned out due to the intensity and demands of their working environments. And this stress can be tied to high workloads which is the reason that  44% of Gen Zs and 43% of millennials say many people have recently left their organization. While employers are aware of the situation and putting more effort into programs that address mental health many Gen Zs and millennials don’t feel this is resulting in any meaningful impact on employees. 

As the survey shows, companies need to pay attention to why workers chose their companies in the first place, but also must address factors that are causing many employees to leave.  

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