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Tesla Slashes Prices, Microsoft Axes Employees, Toxic Work Cultures Cost Businesses Billions: IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads

Jan. 20, 2023
Take a moment to catch up with the manufacturing content you may have missed.

Welcome to the week's end and our regular update on what the IndustryWeek manufacturing community has been consuming over the past seven days on IndustryWeek.com. Topics of interest this past week include toxic work cultures, robots as a service and Emerson's bid for National Instruments, among others. 

As usual, we invite you to take a moment and catch up with the content you may have missed. Without further ado, here is our Top 10 list from the past seven days.

What Makes a Work Culture Toxic? A toxic environment is different than one that's less-than-ideal.

The Lean Principle That Deserves More Respect: On many continuous improvement journeys, leaders’ understanding of ‘Respect for People’ is superficial.

Tesla Slashes Vehicle Prices Up to 20% in US, Europe: A 40% jump from the year before, Tesla delivered a record 1.31 million EVs in 2022.

Passing the Leadership Torch Was Always Part of the Plan: Could I stay and lead Onex for another nine years? Sure. But I did what I do best—fix things.

Manufacturing Robots: Buy? Lease? or As-a-Service? Behrens Metalware discovers that robot ownership and robots-as-a-service models can provide simultaneous success.

Emerson Goes Public With $7B Bid for National Instruments: The St. Louis-based company’s leaders first offered to take over the testing and measurement company last May.

IW U.S. 500: Top Oil, Gas and Coal Manufacturers: Energy producers absolutely dominated the 2022 list of top manufacturers, and looking at the financial data included in this table, it's easy to see why.

Supply Chain Snags or Full Speed Ahead? What Logistics Looks Like in 2023: Shipping expert Lauren Pittelli shares her advice to manufacturers for keeping those components coming in and finished goods moving.

Microsoft Says it Will Axe 10,000 Employees Over Poor Economy: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that "no one can defy gravity" and pointed to the high inflation that was affecting economic growth around the world.

Technology Leader of the Year: The U.S. Semiconductor Industry: Supply chain shortages of computer chips dominated manufacturing news in 2022. Billions of dollars pledged later, don't expect immediate relief.

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Where Manufacturing Technology Goes in 2023: Leading predictions from IndustryWeek's community of technology experts.

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