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Family Feuds and Frayed Goodwill: IndustryWeek's Top Monthly Reads

Dec. 10, 2021
Read the top read content on over the past 30 days.

Once a month we look back on the top content on over the past 30 days rather than the past week. This is that week. Below are the top 10 articles from November 12 to December 9, according to our IW manufacturing community. 

As the list indicates, the interests of our IW audience are diverse, from frayed goodwill with China to Cleveland-Cliffs' optimism about U.S. manufacturing. Sit back, catch up with instructional and inspiring content, and then peruse the wealth of other content on the site. And stay tuned, next week we will share the top content from the past year. 

  • ‘We Are Not a Family’: Is It Any Wonder Workers Are Unhappy? Read now
  • The Fallout from Frayed Goodwill with China Will Be Swift and Intense Read now
  • Cleveland-Cliffs CEO: ‘Manufacturing Can Be Profitable, Steelmaking Can Be Profitable’ Read now
  • Where Manufacturing’s Been—and Where It’s Going Read now
  • Did COVID Really Change Anything on the Factory Floor? Read now
  • Ford Unveils Venture with Chip Company to Boost Supply Read now
  • Johnson & Johnson Announces Plans to Split in Two Read now
  • Bribes, and the Buyers Who Love Them Read now
  • Toyota Picks North Carolina for US EV Battery Plant Read now
  • Battery-Production Startup Begins Work on First Anode-Material Plant Read now

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