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Union Victory, Fast-Track Training and the China Ricochet: IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads

May 12, 2023
Also, results from the 2023 IW Technology Survey and insights from Schneider Electric about how it chooses factories to digitize.

Leading the way in today's IW Weekly Reads is an article about China that offers both a warning and advice. The warning: We remain too dependent on China as a supply base. The advice: Here are five ways to be less reliant. 

In other topics, a successful UAW election, young leadership at Timken and two trade polices fueling positive effects captured the interest of our IndustryWeek manufacturing audience. 

Without further ado, here is our Top 10 list for the past seven days, plus one editor's choice. Catch up on the most-consumed content on IW. 

5 Ways for US Manufacturers to Be Less Dependent on China: Leaders should be taking action now to be more self-reliant and avoid future supply-chain troubles.

UAW Wins Election to Unionize Yanfeng Auto Supplies Plant: According to members of the UAW, workers there allegedly faced racial discrimination.

How Schneider Electric Knows if a Plant Can Successfully Digitize: Lean programs and effective change management, not just technology, lead to successful digitization and increased plant efficiency.

Generation Now Leadership: Fast-Track Training at Timken: With the unique opportunity to complete four jobs in one, Jim Tomson is preparing to be a knowledgeable and experienced leader.

Biden Tax Credits, Trump Tariffs Together Boost US Manufacturing: Congress may not be doing much across the aisle, but separate trade policies by different administrations are having a cumulative positive effect.

Jobs Report: Manufacturing Jobs Flat at Historically Low Unemployment: The latest data show that manufacturing unemployment fell to 2.8% in April.

Ford Leans Into More ‘Surgical’ Approach to EV Growth: The company is narrowing its investment strategy in China; Q1 results were lifted by strong numbers from its ICE and Pro divisions.

Updated: EV Tax Credit Winners and Losers—Rivian, VW Gain Incentives: The latest Treasury Department rules are out. Which electrified vehicles qualified for the $7,500 incentive under the Inflation Reduction Act, and which fell short?

AR/VR Matures, IIoT Unhappiness Rises: IndustryWeek 2023 Tech Survey: Justifying technology spending is getting easier, but getting IT and OT departments aligned remains challenging.

The 5 Disciplines of Strong Manufacturing Management: Instilling these principles in your organization just requires time, patience and for top leaders to recognize the right talent.

Editor's Choice

Factory Talk: Dan Royston, Director of Operations. A.O. Smith, talks with host Jamie Flinchbaugh about developing people amid the daily demands of production, important touch points within the organization and more.

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