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Automotive Angst, Excellence in Aguascalientes, Stratasys Speaks Out: IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads

Sept. 15, 2023
Also, where do cobots fit in and let's talk intangibles.

Automotive news dominates the latest IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads, with multiple items about UAW contract talks capturing the attention of our IW manufacturing community, augmented by ongoing conversations around the ICE and EV future. 

 With that, here is our weekly Top 10 from the last seven days.

Stratasys CEO Zeif: Why Now for Additive Manufacturing Mergers: The head of 3D-printer maker Stratasys explains why it’s bidding to buy a chief rival and why other competitors are trying to buy his company. It all comes down to scaling a technology poised for growth.

UAW Strike All But Certain: The automakers' offers are falling short as the union wages the fight of its life.

3 Steps for Automakers to Battle Headwinds, Prepare for an EV Future: The number of suppliers showing signs of distress has increased since 2021.

Ford Blue President: Don't Write Off ICE: Kumar Galhotra talks about the possibilities for hybrids, supply chain changes and how operational changes are increasing efficiency.

IndustryWeek Best Plants: Cleanliness Reflects Excellence at Cooper Standard Mixing Aguascalientes: Process optimization, driven by employee engagement, makes the synthetic rubber plant in central Mexico one of the top performers in North America.

What’s the Deal with the UAW Contract Talks? Labor Negotiations Explained

The Panama Canal Traffic Jam: Will the Supply Chain Suffer? Droughts affecting the region and decades of poor water management have created ongoing issues for the waterway.

Are You Leaving Intangibles on the Table? 5 Steps to Add Value: Differentiators like longevity, experience, reputation can and should be included in your value equation.

Reshoring and Automation: Where Do Cobots Fit in? A look at how smaller manufacturers are using the technology to grow their businesses.

RTX Engine Issue to Hit Profit by Up to $3.5 Billion: Company officials previously described the problem as one of quality control, stressing that there was no immediate danger to flight safety.

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