U.S. Earthquake Engineers Travel to China

May 16, 2008
Miyamoto International dispatchs a team to provide support

In response to the earthquake in Sichuan, China on May 12, Miyamoto International has dispatched a team of earthquake engineers. They will assess the structural integrity of existing buildings and infrastructure, collect data, and provide support to clients on damage assessment, loss estimation and recommendations to mitigate further business interruption.

Presently the full extent of damage caused by this quake is unknown. A reported 80% of buildings in and around the epicenter have experienced significant failures and/or complete collapse.

"Due to the extensive use of unreinforced masonry and nonductile concrete construction in this region, heavy damage is wide spread. Added to this is the concentration of population and structures along large rivers where liquefaction is a significant problem. That's why damage is occurring as far away as Chongqing -- 220 miles away," said Tom Chan, Vice President of Miyamoto International.

Miyamoto's CEO Kit Miyamoto led the reconnaissance effort which arrived in China on May 16. "The causality and injury toll is intense and rescue operations are the top priority, but we also need to identify the effect the quake has had and will continue to have on the local and national economy. The implication of this event is significant; an event like this could happen in the United State's Midwest," says Kit.

Miyamoto International provides structural, earthquake and wind engineering services related to the design and strengthening of buildings. Project sectors include: seismic evaluation and retrofit, education, commercial, civic, corporate, healthcare, and infrastructure.

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