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Winners and Losers Among America's Biggest Manufacturers, and Your Biggest Cyber Threat: IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads

May 10, 2024
Also, what the UAW is up to at Mercedes and why Stanley Black & Decker may be pruning.

Cybersecurity, work culture and goings on at Stanley Black & Decker were among the topics that attracted our IndustryWeek manufacturing audience in recent days. But there's more. The annual IW U.S. 500 captured attention, as did the UAW's continuing efforts to grow union membership in the South.

Without further ado, here is the top content on IndustryWeek.com over the past seven days. 

CEO: Stanley Black & Decker Likely to Sell More Units: With growth investments focused on the company’s best-known brands, other parts of the business may be in line for “a little pruning,” Don Allan told analysts.

Employees Are Your Biggest Cybersecurity Threat: IT departments can update software, but they can’t patch people.

Oil & Gas Declines Hammer IndustryWeek U.S. 500: The comprehensive list of U.S.-based, publicly traded manufacturing companies would have posted solid profit margins and revenue gains, had it not been for massive declines at the 10 largest energy companies in the world.

What Does ‘People-Centric’ Mean as Machines Get Smarter? Some digital tools can put loads of stress on workers, such as when they relentlessly register every small deviation from a standard.

A Positive Work Culture Can Be a Port in a Storm: During uncertain economic times, focusing on your people and building culture is a stabilizing strategy.

UAW’s Battle for the South Picks Up Steam: What went right for the union at VW in Chattanooga, and what’s happening now at Mercedes in Alabama.

Boeing Starliner Crewed Mission Postponed Shortly Before Launch: The attempt was scrubbed because engineers noticed audible buzzing from a liquid oxygen relief valve on the Atlas V rocket meant to propel the capsule into orbit.

US Hiring Slows More Than Expected, Unemployment Edges Up: While hiring has decelerated, the number of jobs added in April remains well above 100,000.

Lucid Beats Delivery Expectations, Confirms Gravity SUV Still On Track: The company still continues to miss on revenue estimates as its cash burn continues.

Production Pulse: EPA Regulatory Actions Hit Overdrive in April: Two rulings on PFAS forever chemicals and Clean Air Act Enforcement on vinyl production are signs that regulators are getting rules finalized in case of an administration change.

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