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The Quest for Meaning -- The SME's Advantage

Feb. 25, 2014
Get a life and work for an SME!

Ericsson, the Swedish Telecom equipment company, released a report about the Next Generation Working Life. The document basically animates us to discuss about how the future working place would be like.

It is not the first and last time we see this kind of reports or studies. The first one I read extracts of, was Nokia’s vision in 1993 on how the future workplace would be like. They all have one mantra: Networked world and information technology is going to change the way we work substantially.

There is one caveat though in this concept: The telecom providers haven’t obviously bought into this yet, because their customer service and internet speed is crying for improvement.

Ericsson report selected “the quest for meaning” as one of their 8 themes for next generation working place. According to the Ericsson report, “People seek companies whose visions and purposes are grounded in genuine values.” Ericsson claims that it is increasingly important for employees to be able to contribute to the society.

SMEs generally are very attractive as working places.

Companies will have to be able to attract the best possible skills on the market in order to stay competitive. SMEs can offer attractive opportunities in an increasingly globalized world. Capable and motivated SME employees have the opportunity already now to take on larger responsibilities on their shoulders. SME owner usually likes people who can and want to do many things. Thinking in boxes is not the SME way.

At the same time employees of the SMEs can more clearly see the impact of their work to their immediate surroundings.... and the quest for meaning in large corporations goes on!

SMEs can offer meaning to life!

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