The Data that Demonstrates Manufacturing's Importance to the US Economy [SLIDESHOW]

Sept. 5, 2013
Think the U.S. "doesn't manufacture anything anymore?" Here are the charts that show how wrong you are.

Do YOU still get that inane question? You know the one: "But, really, does the U.S. still make anything?"

Me too.

And I've just about reached the end of the proverbial rope with the people who still just don't get it -- especially the ones who are in a position to really make a mess of things by influencing public policy.

So, in the interest of helping to end the asking of this stupefying question, please review the facts. Here, for starters, are ten charts for your review.

The charts and information are excerpted by permission of Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) from, where additional interesting and informative charts can be found. The site is based on data from "Facts About Manufacturing," a publication jointly produced by National Association of Manufacturers, MAPI,  and The Manufacturing Institute.

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