Letters To The Editor For August 2006

July 24, 2006
What direction is the U.S. heading?

More On Immigrants

Re "Evans On The Economy -- More Immigrants," June 2006. Excellent article! As a native of Texas, I see a lot of our fellow North Americans coming up from Mexico and I thank them for their thankless work! Most folks have no idea the risk some of them take in order to better their families back home. Your article was educational and informative and I will be certain to share with those less enlightened who are the most vocal on this subject.

Deborah Fifer, marketing manager
ABB Inc., Houston

Outsourcing Outrage

Re "Editor's Page -- Next-Generation Outsourcing," July 2006. Regardless of the pros/cons of offshoring, I still have the same question I've had from the very beginning: As more and more working citizens of the U.S. lose their jobs to offshoring, who is going to be left in this country to buy the products that companies in this country manufacture? We are going to implode.

Kay Davis, medical transition manager
American Axle & Mfg.
Three Rivers, Mich.

Please provide the evidence and factual information that sending U.S. jobs overseas is not simply to increase profits by cutting labor costs. It clearly is indeed an organized effort to decimate the middle and working class of this country.

Where are the Henry Fords among these CEOs with their multimillion dollar salaries and bonuses? Henry Ford believed that to sell his products his workers needed to make wages that could afford to buy them. Can't maintain a middle class lifestyle stocking shelves at Wal-Mart or flipping burgers at McDonald's. Manufacturing was the single biggest driver in the growth in this country during the 20th century.

Look at the growing economies today -- India and China -- they are doing it with -- you guessed it -- manufacturing.

Economies based on simply selling and servicing and not actually producing anything are not sustainable in the long run.

Andrew Bogle
PHD Inc.
Fort Wayne, Ind.

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