Letters To The Editor For April 2006

March 22, 2006
Our editor and the airlines take some heat.

Reader Calls Panchak Hypocrite

Although I regularly receive IndustryWeek, I will admit that I am not a regular reader. Having said that, your Editor's Page headline, "State Of Disunion," [March 2006] caught my eye, so I read it.

It was easy to discern your hypocrisy very early on in your article. I find it disturbing that you blast President Bush by stating "Bush dashed all hope that he would keep that pledge." And you then proceed to be as "guilty" as you claim President Bush is. It is quite clear that your politics are left-leaning, and I don't care to be able to determine the political leanings of an editor-in-chief of a supposedly non-political magazine. How can I say that? Let's examine some of the words you chose to use in your article: "ruthlessly quick," "disappointing," "baseless charges," "sometimes hostile response," "such rhetoric hijacks the debate," "the loaded words are meant to stifle."

Loaded words? You, I'm sure, carefully chose some very "loaded words" yourself in your article, and it is clear to me you have an agenda, and I don't trust that it is an objective agenda, one meant to help industries such as mine. I don't believe the facts support the loaded words you used, and what's more, your use of those loaded words is just what you are criticizing President Bush of!

So much for reading IndustryWeek!

David L. McIntosh
vice president, human resources
Plastic Molded Concepts
Eagle, Wis.

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Airlines Not Without Blame

Re "Brandt On Leadership -- Business Travel Tips For Bozos," March 2006. Having flown for business and pleasure for over 37 years, I have experienced all of the situations to which you refer and more. Travel went from being a pleasure to a problem years ago. I have personally dealt with plane engine emergencies: "Hey, stewardess, you might want to tell the pilot that engines 2 and 4 are flamed out."

And potential accidents: "Hey, passenger, can you please help us get the door open in the event the landing gear stays stuck for a really fun belly landing?" Yes, fire engines came out on runway.

A lot of the situations are caused by stupid passengers, but the airlines are not blameless in all of this. Happy travels!

Robert Russell
Eastern Electronics
Raleigh, N.C.

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